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Towson's Best Source of Hard to find Microbrews, hand made spirits and Small Vineyard Wines

Towson Wines & Spirits, located at

6 West Pennsylvania Ave in Towson, Maryland.


hours: Monday through Saturday 10am-12am.


If you have questions about our selection of small vineyard wines, limited availability microbrews and specialty liquors you can reach us at 410-823-2674, follow us on twitter @towsonwine or facebook.


Not just a typical liquor store.











Select from over 200 microbrews



WE DELIVER! ask for details.

We are not a production wine and beer shop or even a typical liquor store but a specialty shop seeking the best quality at the best value.

Our wines are sourced from small vintners rarely producing more than 1000 cases.

Our microbrews are extremely limited and available to very few shops


We take our wines, spirits, and microbrews very seriously. So much so, in fact that we only stock wine and spirits we love.


Taste and quality are the highest priorities. Our wide selection of small batch microbrews, specialty bourbons and gins, and exclusive wines ensure our customers will taste the difference in our selection.


The one question you NEVER have to ask is:

Is this any good? If it's not good, it's not here!

We love finding a $10 wine that tastes like a $20 wine and our selection is built around this principle.


Come in, taste, learn, enjoy!

We have a passion for small batch beers, specialty bourbons and gins, and limited availability wines. You know you will be able to find the best varieties of these along with types of other wine and spirits.


Wine festivals, such as Wine in the Woods and Brew at the Zoo are wonderful for sampling a variety of wine and beers, but visiting our is important for LEARNING about them too. Our experienced staff is more than happy to offer insights on our inventory.


We love our jobs and we want to share our passion for tasty beverages with you.  We hope to see you soon!

Our Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat :

10:00 am - 12:00 am


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